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Skyrim Metal Arm Mod

That sounds like a proof of concept to me! Thanks! Just thinking about the masks in the Divine Elegance Store, it lead me to the prosthetic metal noses and even toes found in ancient tombs. In an age of diversity, it would be great to see more in my game. I realize a lot of people feel their fantasy games should provide an archetype of perfection, which they already do, but I prefer my fantasy to be grounded in reality. Magic does have limitations, after all. Presumably a dead limb could be resurrected, but all that groaning and the smell? Would make you want to cut it off! LOL!As it stands, I'm using a lovely little mod called Diversifying Skyrim that adds pregnant women, armor meshes that appear to have others carrying crying babies, and makes some blacksmiths and nobles appear to have enjoyed a lot of rich food. So far, my experience with it has been very satisfying. Rustleif, a heavy-set blacksmith in Dawnstar opines that his wife is expecting and should have a book to help her teach the baby of her Redguard heritage. Then, lo and behold, she comes around the corner and is *actually* showing! It was a moment I haven't felt since Emma introduced Children of Morrowind.I'll check out West Wind, as I've recently found an Xedit script that will add items from any mod into levelled lists. Perhaps I will soo have at least some one-armed bandits in my game? (Please forgive the pun).Thanks for the answer. Should it make this 50 year old gamer feel a little giddy to be in the company of such legends as Arthmoor and Pseron Wyrd? It's good to see familiar faces after all these years.

skyrim metal arm mod

Shown below is the Metallic Tattoos CC set created by toksik. This set of beautiful metallic tattoos is exclusive for female Sims for The Sims 4. Follow this link to download this Sims 4 tattoo CC set.


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