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[supporteddictionary] summary titledescription properties the coreldraw document template specified by file. q: how to get the path of an execution trigger in aws lambda? when i deploy the deploy script of a aws lambda function in lambda, it always fails with the following message: error: error parsing parameter'resource'. must be a string. received: %s this comes from the line below, which is in the deployment script: function updateresource(resource, callback) console.log(process.env.s3_bucket + '/' + resource); var s3 = new aws.s3(); s3.update( bucket: process.s3_bucket, key: resource , function (err, data) if (err) console.log('error: ', err); callback(err); else console.log('updated ', data); callback(null, data); ); this is the commit of the script, and there are no changes to the parameter in question: this exact error message came up when i used the cli to deploy to lambda, and when i did the same thing as above and used the exact same path in the cli, it worked. i even checked that the resource was actually formatted properly. is there some setting i need to make so this works? i'm not very well versed in aws. a: thanks to @ozzu, i was able to figure out the cause: i had an "json parse error" when using the s3.update method. i fixed this by adding ": " around the value returned by my get method, and my deployment went fine. josh duggar, the executive director of the family research council, recently joined evangelical radio host, chris mcdonald, on his pure awakening radio program. duggar discussed the 2012 documentary an inconvenient sequel: truth to power, which investigates the role that former president bill clinton played in the creation of the controversial safe school zones that mandate all students be taught abstinence-only education.



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