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Justice League Starcrossed Movie Download PATCHED

the league soon arrives at the gotham city and see a gigantic statue of bruce wayne that is being erected. they infiltrate and batman suggests they ask the mayor about the statue, and they are whisked away by hawkman. j'onn discovers the statue is a thanagarian beacon leading to a huge temple in the desert, and they head there. they are soon found by hawkman's thanaian guards, who take them prisoner. angered at the short treatment they received, the league demands to speak to hawkman, and a fight breaks out. it turns out hawkman is a thanagarian, and after a fierce battle, he, j'onn and the rest of the league are captured by his men.

Justice League Starcrossed Movie Download

flash, john, and batman then explain to the rest of the league that they've created a force field and have trapped j'onn in it. batman urges everyone to get back to the thanagarian temple, but wonder woman refuses, reasoning that they will not leave a thanagarian to die, but if j'onn does, he won't remember them.

flash and batman go to thanagar to search for j'onn. batman returns to gotham city to interrogate miranda, who claims she didn't betray j'onn intentionally. miranda is a spy sent to thanagar to figure out the league's secrets. before batman can find out more, wonder woman is suddenly killed by thanagarian soldiers. the league are taken prisoner.

wonder woman is held in the thanagarian temple, and the other league members are taken to a prison in a thanagarian ship. flash is able to put together the ship's controls and sends them on a course for earth.

the room is locked and talak tells them that the thanagarians are after them and that the league is most likely dead. the thanagarians' ship is headed directly for earth's moon. flash and wonder woman spot a thanagarian patrol and flash takes off, wonder woman goes to her backup plan, and batman and superman head for the moon. talak orders hawkgirl to take her team to the justice league's next location, where the others are supposed to be, and then to earth. she refuses at first, but the thanagarians are less than thirty seconds away. she reluctantly agrees, quickly finding the league where she left them and the group prepares to take on the thanagarians. flash distracts the thanagarians and superman and wonder woman go into battle against the ship. flash and hawkgirl face off and flash admits that she reminds him of a young iris west, wonder woman's sister. hawkgirl refuses to fight him, saying that she's a friend and a mentor to him, but he asks her to at least take his side. she says she isn't just a friend, she's her family and that she will stand up for her, which makes him wonder how she can be so sure, but she suddenly flies off. flash follows her in his super zoom suit, but it appears that she has some kind of trick as she slows down enough to fire her freeze gun at him.


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