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Lake Winnepeek appears to have been the same as was formerly called by travellers, Lake of the Assinipoils. It is mentioned under this name by Lahontan and Charlevoix; Carver gives it its modern appellation. The situation of this lake, in the centre of the continent of North America, is singular and interesting. Few lakes receive so many and such large streams; by many of these, and of the rivers that flow from it, a direct communication is kept up, not only with several distant points of the Eastern and Atlantic Ocean, but also with the Pacific or Western. An observation for latitude taken on the shores of this lake, gave 50 41' 3" north. Previous to entering the lake, we passed two small Indian villages, one situated at Death River takes its name from that stream, the other receives an appellation indicative of its situation at the mouth of Red River.

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Above the Lake of the Woods, Rainy River becomes the channel of communication, and extends one hundred miles to the lake of the same name. It has an average breadth of about three hundred yards, is deep and gentle, and has no obstructions to its navigation, within forty-eight miles of its mouth; at this distance are situated the rapids of Rainy River, which are about one mile long, and have an aggregate descent of about ten feet. About ten miles further up is another inconsiderable rapid, with a fall of three feet. At the outlet of Rainy Lake is a rapid of about five feet descent, and two miles and a half below are the Falls of Rainy River, down which the torrent pours with terrific grandeur through an aggregate descent of twenty-five feet in the distance of but a few yards. At this place are situated an establishment of the Hudson's Bay Company on the north side of the river, and one belonging to the American Fur Company on the south. Twenty miles below the falls is the entrance of a considerable tributary from the southwest called the Grand Fork, which affords a channel of communication between the principal and Little Winnepeek Lake of the Mississippi, navigable in wet seasons. It receives several other streams of less note. Between the Lake of the Woods and Rainy Lake there is another water route which is sometimes travelled; it is delineated on the map as the back route. 350c69d7ab


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