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Psycho Realm-Drug Addict EXCLUSIVE

You get hook to the look of wild vomenAnd wanna live in the land of the unforgivenHabits turn bad onesIndividuals make 'em poison ritualsGotta have it a have it, a habitWelcome your traces of an addictGod forgive me for my bad habits,Drug addict needle in my vein, i gotta have itTo kill the pain, you silly rabbitI dig a hole under the sun to hide from the staticAutomatic pressure got to kill itGive some act-rite juice so i could feel itAh, now everything is all rightThe eye of the needle cries out to the dark sideLooking inside through the outdoor knockingBut society won't let me in so i grab my stockingPut over my head and get the dough'cause the needle is my god and smack is my soulParahernaila in my domain brings conclusionThat i'm using but the question is, am i abusingInfested in the residence of pico unionDrug intrusion, color fusionInvasion! of your senses maintain relapseDilate eye lenses, my dependence on these chemical artifical dreamsIs what makes my habit obscene

Psycho Realm-Drug Addict


Tinted like the darkest shadows, my mind is cloudly subliminalCommands will penetrate then i get rowdy conditionsDrowsy, the sedative brings negative enemiesI slump down and stay ahead of mePowerful like metamphetamines my state is alteredThis here's no lie hydroponic, chronicGot you feeling all erotic aphrodisiac, who's got it?Alvarado maniacs risk poison time buying dimesWhen you got the fix get in the mixThere's no denving drug's the only factorGot me in the rapture making an addict out of youAnd proceed to capture you mindYou're mine, choke hold to your whole skull, substance uncontrolledWho holds straight keys to locks and unlocks key holesThe structure of my trip is unstoppableI'm 50 hits of the dot all powerfulWe go deranged and remain living the last days in the haze of purple microI remember when i was a high school starHad the proom queen, scholarship, brand new carIt's funny, you never know who your friends are'til you lose all your sensibilities to the act-riteBut i'm all wrong; no wonder my familyDon't wanna have nothing to do with meHumiliation, neglect, no respectThe concept of rehabilitation has been sweptI wish i was clean a far fetched dreamBut what other way am i going to blow of my steamHeaven's all in this bottle of juice making me feel highMaking me feel loose, get nowhere turn to no oneTrust me, i don't even trust myself 041b061a72


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