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The Way Ahead

The environments of both today and tomorrow demand nothing less than joint, intergovernmental, interagency, and multinational approaches. MDB cannot afford to leap ahead of our alliances and coalition partner capabilities.

The Way Ahead

Politically, the picture is no better. The Rajapakse family and its allies, which have dominated politics and the government for most of the previous 16 years, are thoroughly discredited. Some have fled the country; others are in hiding. But there is no one in the splintered opposition that promises the tough leadership that will be required in the years ahead. The crowds of demonstrators that have brought down the government are fed up with the whole political class. Their mood in recent days has been celebratory and even joyous but that will not continue in the absence of food and fuel and even medicine in the hospitals.

The easiest way to check if you understand the difference between forward and ahead is to think about position versus direction. If an item is ahead of you, it is in front of where you are. If someone is walking forward, they are in active movement. 041b061a72


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