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Bad Grandpa

Old dogs should not teach young pups new tricks. But that doesn't stop Johnny Knoxville. Playing the Jackass character Irving Zisman, an 86-year-old grandpa, Knoxville takes an 8-year-old (Jackson Nicoll) on a road trip with a hidden camera in tow. The pair then interacts with regular citizens with the goal of offending as many as possible.

Bad grandpa

Parents need to know that Bad Grandpa is the latest comedy from Johnny Knoxville and the Jackass crew. Rather than unrelated stunts, this one has a loose story and characters upon which to hang its hidden-camera pranks. The overall tone is lighter, less offensive and with more heart, although parents should keep in mind that the level of vulgarity and sexual innuendo is still very high. There are a few "stunts," some arguing and fighting, and an old lady's supposed corpse that's dragged around throughout the movie. There are some sensitive, albeit fake rubber body parts shown and very strong, constant sexual innuendo (grandpa is forever trying and failing to pick up women). Language is strong and varied, but not constant; it includes "s--t," "f--k," and "p---y," as well as most other words. The eight year-old actor says some of these words and drinks beer in one scene ("Grandpa, I'm f--king wasted..."). Grandpa is shown drinking, and drunk, fairly often.

The 86-year-old Irving Zisman (Johnny Knoxville) has just become a widower and is very happy to be free. His grandson Billy (Jackson Nicoll) seems to be a nice kid who loves fishing. When Billy's mom is sent to prison for drugs, grandpa agrees to drive Billy from Nebraska to live with Billy's no-good, pot-smoking dad in North Carolina. While on their drive, grandpa and Billy get into all kinds of mischief, from creating disturbances in bingo parlors or convenience stores to running over plaster penguins. Billy often must find his grandpa after his drunken misadventures. Eventually they even enter a disguised Billy in a child beauty pageant. After their time together, grandpa realizes how much he loves Billy and decides to keep him.

There's a very loose narrative at hand in the film that is just really an excuse to put Johnny Knoxville and 9 year old Jackson Nicoll in situations to shock unsuspecting strangers. Perhaps not for everyone, but I found this shit to be hilarious! I like Knoxville in small doses, and his old grandpa schtick works, but it's Nicoll who is the real star of the film.

I never enjoyed the bad grandpa skits that much on jackass, but here, the blend of live pranks and a proper script with a story, actually works, I mean, this is not a film you watch to see brilliant filmmaking, but if the film would have been a montage of skits, I think it wouldn't be nearly as engaging or funny. 041b061a72


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